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In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: Croatia Državna Cesta (hrvd)
« Last post by si404 on Today at 08:22:03 am »
Either add border points, or truncate them. I prefer adding them.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: IN: US 24 around Fort Wayne
« Last post by mapmikey on Today at 07:21:56 am »
Could this just be a temporary detour?

Is Indiana usually pretty good about going thru AASHTO for its US reroutes? (As opposed to, say, Oklahoma?)

US 24 routing around the north is explicitly stated in the spring 2012 AASHTO action for moving US 24 onto new alignments east of Fort Wayne.

US 24 routing previously around the south was approved in the spring 1996 AASHTO action.

Entire set of actions back to 1967 can be downloaded here:
Updates to Highway Data / Re: IN: Bus IN 13 in North Manchester?
« Last post by cabiness42 on Today at 07:09:58 am »
Yes, there was an official sign at IN 13 and Wayne.  There were at least 3 unofficial/homemade signs southbound on Wayne St.  When I reached IN 114 there were no signs indicating whether BUS IN 13 ended or followed IN 114 back to IN 13 (which is what you would expect a Business Route to do).
PR102: So I'm assuming that this does not actually connect to PR120 or 121, right?

As far as I can tell, yes. The Manual de Descripción de Rutas says that PR102 ends at the intersection of PR120 & PR121, which it describes as Quinoñes & 65 de Infantería, but the descriptions of 120 & 121 show that they end a few blocks away from that intersection. There's no imagery, so I'm assuming that the PR102 description just hasn't been updated to reflect some relinquishments in the other routes.
Finally continuing my review, sorry for the delay.

PR101: fine
PR102: So I'm assuming that this does not actually connect to PR120 or 121, right?
PR103: fine
PR104: fine
PR105: fine
PR106: fine
PR107: fine
PR108: fine
PR109: fine
That's fine. I thought they seemed important enough to at least possibly included with the state highways system but whatever works the best.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: NY 25 Truck missing
« Last post by mariethefoxy on Yesterday at 11:21:21 pm »
There is a segment independant from Suffolk County 48 where it turns back to meet NY 25, Suffolk County 48 continues along North Road to the Riverhead Town line where it becomes a town maintained road.

Once agian im planning a day trip out to eastern Long Island and Shelter Island. I can drive along Truck 25 to find any sort of signage to help it get included into the NY state system.
Updates to Highway Data / OR 140 western extension
« Last post by Bickendan on Yesterday at 11:08:51 pm »
OSM has been reporting that OR 140 extends west from OR 62 in White City to I-5 near Gold Hill.
A glance at GMSV confirms this.

Adding to my to do list.
Well it's not up to me (this is one of rickmastfan67's states) but neither "might as well be state routes for all intents and purposes" nor the presence of signs that are unlike state route signs seems like a convincing argument. Consider how difficult it would be to arrive at a definitive list. We're getting away from systems made up of "select" routes.

Even less so than the ones in New Jersey, most likely. They are county routes, right? Not state secondary? Since the fractional routes are also county routes (IIRC), it would be hard to justify counting some and not all.
Right, they are county routes, but a few in WV might as well be state routes for all intents and purposes. CR 21 for example runs through four different counties while keeping the same number, while 857 runs concurrent with US 119 at one part. Also, both of those plus a few others, are signed, which very rarely happens with county routes. There are other roads like 151 and 707 which get unusually high numbers for county routes and also get signed like a state route.
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