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A couple of route marker assemblies on U.S. 1 ... have also been changed over, ... but they have since been covered.
Looks like we're not quite ready yet.

Before making the NJ changes, I'm waiting till all NJ signage is changed over, which TMK will be early Phase 2, March - April 2018. I posted a reply asking, "How's signage looking within the Scudder Falls Bridge project limits, existing I-95 Exit 1 in New Jersey?"
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: canmbs: Manitoba Provincial Roads
« Last post by yakra on Yesterday at 11:13:45 pm »
Out of curiosity, do you remember where you say the 636 shield? Churchill has GMSV, dated Oct 2013, after your visit, but I haven't found it yet.
From what I can make out, the east end is pretty close to the edge of what I'd call downtown.

You've probably got all of that?
Updates to Highway Data / TX: TX 96 west of I-45?
« Last post by mapmikey on Yesterday at 10:22:18 pm »
TX 96 is prominently posted west of I-45, from I-45 itself and the next crossroad over (Calder Dr).  There are 2 WB reassurance markers west of I-45, per GMSV.  It appears TX 96 may end where it meets the older road it now connects to just before Butler Rd.  The postings go back to at least 2011 per GMSV.

However, the distance from the pavement change to TX 146 is 0.4 miles longer than the current TXDOT official length from the minute orders for TX 96...
Updates to Highway Data / Re: AL: US231BusOza (missing route?)
« Last post by ntallyn on Yesterday at 10:08:49 pm »
I can confirm the US84 move, and there were no business route signs on either side of town (I was on 84 around Elba).
Updates to Highway Data / TX: TX 3 signed to I-45 near Galveston
« Last post by mapmikey on Yesterday at 09:51:30 pm »
The HB has TX 3 ending at TX 146.  However, it is concurrent with TX 146 down to I-45.  It has separate grid postings on the overlay and also is posted prominently from Loop 197 near I-45...
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: canmbs: Manitoba Provincial Roads
« Last post by oscar on Yesterday at 07:05:40 pm »
I went, in August 2013, on a polar bear viewing tour east of Churchill (alas, I didn't see any bears, it wasn't high season for them). I think we went east of the airport, so I probably clinched PR 636 on the tour's shuttle bus to the "tundra buggies" taking us into bear habitat.

That is, unless PR 636 also extends west of downtown Churchill (I saw no route signs in that direction). I walked a short distance west of town toward the port and its grain elevators, but couldn't cover much ground before I had to catch the train back to Thompson.

BTW, the rail line to Churchill is now closed indefinitely due to extensive trackbed damage. Until that's fixed, visitors to Churchill will need to get there by air.
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: canmbs: Manitoba Provincial Roads
« Last post by yakra on Yesterday at 05:51:40 pm »
I am satisfied that MB636 exists.
  (Enter "PR 636" (with quotes) in the Filter items box.)
  ("Launch Road" specifically may be the locals being imprecise? If OSM has the Kelsey Blvd / Launch Rd changeover right, Launch Rd looks a bit suspect, per the highway map...)
And finally, the Official Highway Map, maps # 10 and 11 clearly show a 2 Lane, Paved Provincial Road.
Resolution is low, though; pinning down the endpoints may be difficult. (Or not -- see below...)
Looks like a relatively new designation (you were there in August 2013?), a bit new to be showing up in the GeoBase NRN shapefiles yet. They seem a bit slow to get updated; for example the latest revision has yet to catch up with a section of MB236 being decommissioned.
OK, I found some LRS -Road Network shapefiles from Manitoba Land Initiative. And there's a road shown in Churchill... DESCRIPTIO = "Bernier St to Old Airport Terminal Rd (Churchill)", ROAD_IDENT = "Access Road" rather than "Provincial Road", but nonetheless I bet this is it. East end roughly here.

Trail of breadcrumbs: / / /
Updates to Highway Data / Re: AL: US231BusOza (missing route?)
« Last post by bejacob on Yesterday at 03:41:17 pm »
So does it get added to the HB or not?

Not a major concern, but there are other similar situations. I saw at least one US84Bus sign in Enterprise, AL at the corner of Lee St. Didn't check for others, but it did not seem to be well signed.

On a separate note, US84 is now routed on a bypass north of Elba, AL. It looked like a recent change. I did not see any "Business" signage here. In the HB, US84 is still goes through town. I drove AL87 south to north and noticed the US84 junction signs on the north edge of town (Bypass St). This one I did not stop to photograph.
Yep. Those are done.
The data's already in place; I'll just open a pull request.
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