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Here is a running list of issues with unclear route ends, and some intermediate waypoints. End signs exist for some routes covered by GMSV, no need to include those routes on this list. I'm still working on the last 3xx routes, and may add to this list before I'm done. Also, some routes listed below are not yet in the HB.

SK 2 -- Intersects SK 936 near its north end, around the location shown in the HB. Google Maps shows the intersection location, and GMSV shows that intersection is with SK 936. Only Mapnik doesn't show the intersection at all. The only thing missing is open-source coordinates for the intersection.

SK 35 -- North end very unclear, with Mapnik showing it going well northeast of the endpoint shown on the provincial paper and online Highway Hotline maps. HB now truncates the route to a guesstimate of the north endpoint based on the official maps.

SK 102 -- North end within Southend unclear.

SK 106 and SK 120 -- Both routes intersect Harding Road, which may be or once have been SK 928. GMSV indicates the junction on SK 106 is unsigned; no GMSV coverage of that part of SK 120. No biggie if we have to settle for HarRd waypoints on both routes.

SK 123 -- North end really unclear. Online maps differ on where and how far the route goes north of the Saskatchewan River, including whether it passes through Pemmican Portage village or instead bypasses it to the west, and its endpoint in Cumberland House. An added complication is that the provincial Highway Hotline shows 123 following a winter road (not shown in other mapping) southeast from the Cumberland House region to SK 9 near the Manitoba border.

SK 165 -- SK 935 supposedly intersects with 165 in the Hall Lake area, but I'm unsure whether the intersection is located where the HB has it, or another intersection in the vicinity. No GMSV coverage.

SK 211 -- East end unclear.

SK 212 -- West end unclear (at road's end, or at park boundary).

SK 220 -- HB has west end east of park fee booths, but could route end at or west of booths?

SK 221 -- West end probably at park fee booths, where HB has it.

SK 240, SK 263, SK 264 -- Do routes end at Prince Albert NP boundary, or at fee booths, or continue into the park? 2009 GMSV imagery indicates 240 ends, along with its pavement, at the park boundary. I didn't see similar End signs on 263 and 264 whose pavement continues into the park, though neither did I recall seeing route markers inside the park. If the routes do not end at or near the park boundary, does SK 264 end at intersection with SK 263, or continue northwest as OSM indicates?

SK 255 -- North end in Tobin Lake unclear.

SK 261 -- GMSV confirms the route exists, and extends both west and east of SK 4, but not how far in each direction.

SK 305 -- Waypoint for what appears to be Old SK305/784_E could use a check on whether it remains an intersection with SK 784; the recent bypass of that former 305 segment is still a bit of a moving target, with a new interchange with SK 11 in progress, as well as a realignment of that part of SK 11.

SK 310 -- Is the intersection marked SK740 indeed with highway 740? (Mapnik is an outlier on that road being a numbered highway, and the provincial highway map is silent.) Ditto SK745 farther north. More perplexing, Google Maps and the provincial highway map have SK 743 intersecting at waypoint SK743?, while Mapnik and 2009 GMSV have it at waypoint EdmRd -- maybe SK 743 was moved?

SK 324 -- East end in Mayfair probably at Railway Ave., but no GMSV coverage to confirm.

SK 340 -- One intermediate waypoint is marked SK685?/781?, but number of intersecting route is unclear. 2013 GMSV imagery shows it as SK 685.

SK 354 -- North end unclear, whether it ends at SK 732/733 junction, or continues a little west along SK 733 to Railway Ave. in Dilke.
Notes on possibly unsigned/non-routes, for later followup. I'll also need to go back and check the shorter 2xx routes for ones that might be unsigned. GMSV is more helpful than I expected, at least in southern Saskatchewan, but its coverage is maddeningly uneven and/or sometimes dated.

SK 204 -- apparently in shapefiles, can't find

SK 383-- apparently in shapefiles, can't find

SK 375, 394, 396 -- apparently not in shapefiles, but shown in OSM/Mapnik, and to some extent in other online maps. All are fairly short routes, so they wouldn't necessarily show in the official road map or the online Highway Hotline.

375 is connector to Hepburn from SK 12. Fairly recent GMSV imagery indicate route is unsigned if it exists. It might exist only as continuation of SK 785 (SK 12's route file uses that as the label for the Hepburn access road).

396 is connector from TCH 16 to Guernsey and a potash plant south of town. Dated GMSV imagery suggests it is unsigned if it exists, or may be signed only as part of SK 668.

394 is on east side of Saskatoon, between SK 16 and SK 316. Unlike other two routes, it is not shown in 2008 MapArt road atlas, which means it may be a fairly new route. Like 396, it may be in the system mainly to serve a potash plant. Some GMSV imagery is too dated to be helpful, but apparently unsigned at junctions with SK 16 and SK 316 based on 2013-14 imagery. FWIW, a "stub" article in Wikipedia identifies the route as unsigned, though I don't know on what that's based.

394 and 396 are in the HB, subject to later removal. I'm more convinced that 375 should be left out of the HB, so it stays out for now.
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: zafn: South Africa National Highways
« Last post by Duke87 on February 22, 2018, 08:31:07 pm »
- The westernmost segment between M62 and the N1/N2 junction appears to be signed as both N1 and N2. Suggest making this a concurrency between the two.
- "1(W)" → "N1" (there is no exit number, "N1" is on the gore sign where the number otherwise would be)
- "1A(W)" → "1B(W)" and vice versa.
- remove "6A(W)". This is not signed as a separate exit, and one point per interchange
- add point "M161" at Broadlands Road in Lwandle
- "DuKaaWeg" → "OuKaaWeg"
- add point "R321" at intersection with Oudeburg Rd. Change existing point "R321" to "ToR321"
- add point at Myddleton interchange (does not appear to have a number)
- "P1532" → "Bog" (these designations beginning with P are not signed)
- "R102_E" → R102_ some three letter combo like the other R102 intersections?
- add a couple more points in King William's town where route makes turns
- Recenter point "R349"
- "R63" exists as well as "R63_W" and "R63_E". Should these be R63_C, A, and B (respectively)?
- "X553498" → "R408"
- Recenter point "R411"
- "FurNdaAve" → "TutNdaAve"
- "P750" → "Sin" (again, designations beginning with P not signed)
- "P61" → "Weza"
- "P56" → "ElimMis"
- "P55" → "Pad"
- "P345" → "OriGorRd"
- "P262" → "Mur"
(side note: D201 actually IS signed as such... how about that,30.390732,3a,44.3y,209.29h,82.61t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1scpQGFkunyr9I_1MZo9IraQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656)
- "R102" →"R102_Emp"
- "D1913_S" → "Duk" (this D road is not signed)
- "D1913_N" → "Shi"
Welcome & Notices / Site downtime afternoon of 2/22
« Last post by Jim on February 22, 2018, 02:01:17 pm »
The building where TM's server is housed will be without power from 5-6 PM EST this afternoon.  I'm out of town and hoping it will come back up without incident.
Thank you.   :)
Updates to Highway Data / Re: TX: TX136 Add Waypoint for Alibates Flint Quarries NM
« Last post by yakra on February 21, 2018, 10:27:27 am »
I bet the only reason I left this off in the first place was that without AliRan, it would have been more than 10 miles from FM1342, resulting in a visible_distance error. AliRan avoided this, and still kept the shape of the route within tolerance, so in it went. I agree that as a road to a National Monument / National Rec Area, it's a worthwhile point to have. Added.
Welcome & Notices / Re: Less frequent site updates for the next week
« Last post by Jim on February 20, 2018, 11:10:04 pm »
I'll be at traveling to and from and will attending a conference the rest of this week, so I am unsure how consistently I'll be able to run site updates through Saturday.

For those interested in the educational aspect of TM, my talk "Map-based Algorithm Visualization with METAL Highway Data" will be Friday afternoon. has the full schedule.  My talk slides are at

Welcome & Notices / Re: Temporary Suspension of Graph Generation
« Last post by Jim on February 20, 2018, 11:03:45 pm »
First new graphs in about a week will be generated with tonight's update.
Updates to Highway Data / TX: TX136 Add Waypoint for Alibates Flint Quarries NM
« Last post by mikeandkristie on February 20, 2018, 02:44:05 pm »
On TX TX136, can you add a waypoint for Cas Johnson Road?  It is located between the current AliRan and PolRanRd waypoints, south of Fritch.  This is the turn to go to Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument and parts of the Lake Meredith National Recreation Area.  There are directional signs along the road visible on GSV to confirm the turn.

Other Discussion / Re: Hello + Getting Travel Mapping into Highway☆ app
« Last post by catsynth on February 20, 2018, 01:10:48 pm »
Thanks for checking out the app!  And congrats on making it onto the leaderboard in one day :D

The scoring system is 10 points for a discovery, which means driving on or intersecting with a highway.  There is 1 additional point for encountering a previously seen highway in a different "secondary administrative unit" (e.g., in the U.S. a county or parish).

I still see some potential intersection between TM and Highway☆ for two features I want to add.
  • Clinching.  As pointed out, there is currently no detection or scoring of clinched routes.  I would like to add clinching, with a score that scales with the length of the route (e.g., clinching I-5 in California should be worth more the I-980)
  • Recording trips.  I was envisioning being able to share recorded trips to TM as a contribution to the community, and as a feature that Highway☆ users have requested
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