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Scenic Byways
« on: May 08, 2018, 01:00:54 am »
I'm wondering if anyone finds merit in eventually having a scenic byway section in the hb. To me they are interesting and I have started seeking them out when I have enough free time to explore while in another state. In MN (Minnesota River Scenic Byway), WI (Great River Road), and KS (Flint Hills) I have seen them signed (I really didn't pay attention for signage on previous byways), but at the same time I'm unsure if a given US state will sign all the roads in their state byway system or just major/tourist portions. There are also federally designated byways -- National Scenic Byway, and All-American Roads (AAR). Red Rock Scenic Byway in AZ is an AAR I have also seen signed.

I got to thinking about bringing this up as I was searching for KML's for a trip to Oregon, and ODOT's site happens maintains a KML file including all of the state's scenic byways at this link:

*Oregon Scenic Byways in check box #85 on the list of Generate KML options.

It just seemed to me that, if they include it on the state run database, their byway system is of more importance than to leave it to individual counties of Oregon to intellectually maintain the routes' presence or provide the database/travel information by themselves. I have also seen Minnesota Scenic Byways on bulletin board maps at Rest Areas, but I haven't yet searched for or come across the traced routes online

While I would be all for the inclusion, I will think of any downsides: scenic routes may cover ground on portions of county roads or streets that would otherwise have no value to Travel Mapping in general; lack of interest in adding scenic byways in itself; some byways might not be signed; some states may be inconsistent in how they maintain authority of their byways (do any relegate authority to counties?); site clutter