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Updates to Highway Data / NY: NY 343 at NY 22 near Dover Plains
« Last post by froggie on Today at 07:34:53 am »

Noticed that NY 343 is signed following the northern leg of the "Wye", while the TM list follows the southern leg.
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: usafl: Florida State Highways
« Last post by neroute2 on Yesterday at 05:30:33 pm »
I think SR 102 continues west to the airport.
Why is SR 109 split in two? The overlap with SR 115 is signed 'to', and I know similar overlaps are included in TM. If I'm not mistaken, there's actually been a reconfiguration so both directions of SR 109 now stay on the frontage road.
Does SR 112 actually continue west of FL953_N?
SR 114 is signed (at least on I-95). Waypoints are FraSt (if we're counting interchange-related stubs like that), I-95, and Blvd.
Why is SR 267 split in two?
SR 405 is signed east from US1_S to the end at the JFK Space Center.
SR 414 has new interchanges between FL434 and I-4: GatDr, MaiSumBlvd, and KelRd (Lake Destiny Road will no longer have any direct access when construction is done). HopeRd should be WymRd. There's also a new exit 4B at Marden Road.
SR 419/434: GarAve should be moved west to TusRd.
SR 423: CurSt -> ChuSt, WyhRd -> WymRd
SR 426: move OakHillDr west to WinSprBlvd?
SR 436: the south end is north of CargoRd at the canal bridges.
SR 482: as with other similar routes that end at interchanges with nearby roads (e.g. SR 421), the route extends west of I-4 to TurLakeRd.
SR 524 continues east to SR 528.
SR 526: BurAve -> BumAve
SR 527: OraAve -> LakeviewSt or GarAve or something that isn't actually SR 527
SR 536: signs continue west of I-4 to the WDW property line (marked on OSM)
SR 551: GolRdExt -> OldGolRd
SR 586, SR 590, SR 686, SR 688: add CR501?
SR 594 extends west to the eastbound end of I-175.

US 17/92: add CR580 in Haines City, CR54 -> RonReaPkwy, CR535 -> HamBroRd, CR531 -> PleHillRd (neither CR 535 nor CR 531 is signed or recognized by the county), US17/92Trk_S -> FL423, FL414/17Trk -> FL414 (these are much better signed than the truck routes), DirDr -> CR4162, SaxBlvd -> CR4146
US 17/92/441: CR527A -> LanRd
US 17: move KatSt one block north to CR4053
US 27: add CR17_HaiCity, RonReaPwky -> RonReaPkwy, add CROld50 in Minneola
US 192: AvaRd -> CR545_N, CR545 -> CR545_S, KisParkRd -> OCanCRd (to match US 441)
US 192/441: CR523_N -> CR523
US 441: add CR437_N and CR437_S just south of SR 429, CR452 -> LakeEusDr, CR44_E -> CR44LegA, CR44_W -> CR44
US 17/92 Truck (Orlando): WyhRd -> WymRd_S, HopeRd -> WymRd_N
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: usafl: Florida State Highways
« Last post by neroute2 on Yesterday at 04:26:05 pm »
A few comments/corrections:
As far as I know, as-maintained SR 7's current north end is at SR 704, despite signage continuing north. But this may have changed recently.
SR 15 (Okeechobee)'s north end is weird due to it being a normally-unsigned route. There is reassurance at the Martin-Okeechobee county line. So maybe we should end it (and SR 700) there, which is the FDOT district boundary.
SR 15 (Orlando): GolRd -> OldGolRd, GolRdExt -> GolRd (hopefully this doesn't break anything)
SR 19: CR452 (not signed here) -> LakeEusDr (this is also on SR 44 and US 441)
SR 50: HanRd should be added between US27 and CR455. This is a major Turnpike connector now that exit 278 is open. CR535 should be added between CR545 and DanRd. Maybe BluAve (former SR 439 north) between CR439 and FL408(1). FL527_S should be FL527_N. MagBlvd should be added between US17/92_N and BenRd to match SR 526 and SR 15 (Orlando). ClaSt should be moved west to CR13.
SR 60: the west end is a bit east of the circle, but I don't remember the details. CR501 should be added between CR1 and US19.
SR 84 extends a block east of US 1 (unless it's been truncated recently).
SR 700: see SR 15
How To? / Re: Methodology for entering
« Last post by jwood.ok on Yesterday at 03:36:35 pm »
Yeah I definitely have some overlap.  I think I'm also missing a few concurrents.  On my oldest trips, I'm going back and tracking routes down based on pictures I took  ;D .  Looks like I may get all my backlog in about the time that I leave on a summer trip and add a bunch of new stuff!
Updates to Highway Data / IL: IL-29 not connected to US24 and I-74
« Last post by snowmatt8 on Yesterday at 12:48:32 pm »
IL29 is not showing as concurrent with I-74 over the Illinois River in Peoria and is also not concurrent with US24 from I-74 to West Camp St in Peoria.  The first image is my travel on IL29.  The second is all of my traveled routes in that area.
Updates to Highway Data / IL: US-24 Not concurrent with I-474 in Peoria IL
« Last post by snowmatt8 on Yesterday at 12:43:01 pm »
I noticed that US24 uses the I-474 bridge over the Illinois River south of Peoria and I've traveled I-474 but it is not showing up as traveled on US24
Welcome & Notices / Re: Site update failed 4/18
« Last post by Jim on Yesterday at 12:54:35 am »
I'm thinking it's at least not a bug in my update code.  The mysql server hangs right near the start of the ingestion of the new .sql file in a part that hasn't changed in a long time (something like line 4).  My guess is that there's a deadlock in mysql server that gets triggered by some combination of the site update sql starting at precisely the wrong time relative to something else the server is doing (it handles more than just TM stuff on this server).
Updates to Highway Data / Re: MS: I-269 New Segment Opened Tuesday
« Last post by froggie on April 20, 2018, 09:17:41 pm »
I've already reviewed the OSM data.  What I'd like to see is visual proof or verification.
Welcome & Notices / Re: Site update failed 4/18
« Last post by dave1693 on April 20, 2018, 06:52:22 pm »
I **hate** HeisenBugs.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: MS: I-269 New Segment Opened Tuesday
« Last post by rlee on April 20, 2018, 06:23:27 pm »
What about the first exit west of US 78? (Red Banks Rd or whatever they're signing it as)

Open Street Map shows Red Banks Rd as Exit 13.  I did not pay attention to it when I drove past it... twice.

OSM does show the exit numbers for the rest of the interstate under construction from MS 305 to I-55.

OSM Link
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