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In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Hong Kong Routes (hkgrt)
« Last post by michih on Today at 03:52:04 pm »
Fine except of:

I think exit 4 and 5 are mistaken. From the south, the first exit is 4 (not 5) and the 2nd one 5. From the north, there is only exit 4

+X01 is off track

Exit 2B missing
Is exit 9B really necessary?

Remove "End" because there is no (dead) end

10QA --> 10A
Exceeds limits b/n exit 22 and exit 23
Welcome & Notices / Split Germany and Spain into regions
« Last post by michih on Today at 03:50:12 pm »
We are about to split Germany and Spain into regions to enable further system development and more detailed stats like it's already possible for other larger countries, e.g. UK, China or Canada. That means, DEU and ESP regions will be dropped and new regions DEU-BE, DEU-BY,... ESP-AN, ESP-AR,... will be introduced. Routes which cross regional borders will be split. We currently plan to activate the new regions on 6th October 2017. The user list file entries of DEU and ESP regions will be broken that day and your stats for these regions will be 0. Other regions are not affected and remain as-is. You can browse your DEU and ESP travels from scratch with the Highway Browser and submit your modified list file to restore your travel stats after activation.

It is also possible to send your latest user list file to and ask us to convert it before activation! We will send it back to you afterwards.

Old region:
DEU: Germany

New regions:
DEU-BW: Baden-Wurttemberg
DEU-BY: Bavaria
DEU-BE: Berlin
DEU-BB: Brandenburg
DEU-HB: Bremen
DEU-HH: Hamburg
DEU-HE: Hesse
DEU-MV: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
DEU-NI: Lower Saxony
DEU-NW: North Rhine-Westphalia
DEU-RP: Rhineland-Palatinate
DEU-SL: Saarland
DEU-SN: Saxony
DEU-ST: Saxony-Anhalt
DEU-SH: Schleswig-Holstein
DEU-TH: Thuringia

Old region:
ESP: Spain

New regions:
ESP-AN: Andalusia
ESP-AR: Aragon
ESP-AS: Asturias
ESP-CB: Cantabria
ESP-CE: Ceuta
ESP-CL: Castile and Leon
ESP-CM: Castilla-La Mancha
ESP-CN: Canary Islands
ESP-CT: Catalonia
ESP-EX: Extremadura
ESP-GA: Galicia
ESP-IB: Balearic Islands
ESP-MC: Region of Murcia
ESP-MD: Community of Madrid
ESP-ML: Melilla
ESP-NC: Navarre
ESP-PV: Basque Country
ESP-RI: La Rioja
ESP-VC: Valencian Community

Comment here if you have any question about the procedure!
I was westbound on QC170, so there was just the sign saying go straight to stay on QC170 and veer right to get on A70.  There were still construction cones up keeping it to one lane of use and no access to the exit, I think, but I don't remember for sure although I do remember seeing the town name but not exactly which sign(s) it was on since I do remember thinking about the song.  So my best guess of memory is that the exit wasn't open yet with a number, although I didn't pay real close attention to that detail.  I was also getting hungry and had been stopped by a train just a couple miles to the east of there, so keeping moving for traffic behind me and finding food were more on my mind as well as being a little distracted by the orange stuff.  I guess I need to get a dashcam   :D.  I didn't go back to explore and investigate after I ate since the construction signs indicated that QC170 was closed to through traffic somewhere east of QC175.  The construction on QC138 had added a lot of time to the trip that ended up cutting out some of my exploring and road clinching plans for that whole area.  Quebec 511 indicates that the construction cones in that eastern QC170 A-70 interchange area are still going to be up for 3 weeks yet.

I am looking to use that easternmost point, whatever name it has.  If I have to change the point name in my file later on, that is okay.  I know it will be a number at some point when the road is extended east for sure.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: NY: NY434 Waypoint 14
« Last post by yakra on Today at 03:36:08 am »
I'll ... edit this post once I open a pull request.
Changes are live in the HB.
Other Discussion / Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Last post by yakra on Today at 03:31:27 am »
It was a great trip and had I been there by myself, I probably would have driven more and seen less.  ;) Sound familiar to anyone?
"OH NO NO NEVER!" -Eric Idle
Updates to Highway Data / OR: OR182 is unsigned
« Last post by compdude787 on Today at 12:20:50 am »
Just noticed that OR 182 is in the highway browser. However, I was just there a month ago (shortly after seeing the solar eclipse on August 21st) and I don't recall seeing any signs for this route, nor are there any on GMSV. For this reason, it should be removed.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: ID: Minor updates
« Last post by compdude787 on Yesterday at 11:55:37 pm »
Finally did a pull request to change the business loop back to how it was before, connecting to I-90 at its east end. Also tweaked the location of a couple waypoints.
Other Discussion / Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Last post by bejacob on Yesterday at 09:51:07 pm »
At least you did Pont Grog y Borth - the supreme roadgeek feature of the area (and possibly the country, given the Severn Bridge is wholly in England).

I figured that if I was going to Anglesey, I might as well take one bridge on the way (A55) and the other on the way back (A5). Part of the point of visiting the island was because my elderly mother wanted to see the neolithic monuments. That's why I ended up clinching the A5025 and almost completing A4080, but missed out on most of the A5 and AS5 on Anglesey. Oh well, something do next time. On the plus side, I did get to visit about half a dozen castles.

It was a great trip and had I been there by myself, I probably would have driven more and seen less.  ;) Sound familiar to anyone?
Updates to Highway Data / Re: AASHTO Spring 2017
« Last post by Eth on Yesterday at 09:03:23 pm »
Georgia US 129 Relocation: Between NE of Gray and SW of Gray requires clarification

Per page 94 of the Part 1 document:

"Beginning at the junction of present U. S. Route 129 and a newly constructed facility northeast of Gray, then extending in a
westerly and southerly direction over the new facility for 5.50 miles to the junction with present U. S. Route 129/State
Routes 11, 18, 22/U.S. 129 southwest of Gray."

Page 90 indicates that this is on the "Gray Bypass" (GMaps, OSM).

The document does not, however, indicate how or if it affects the routing of GA 11, GA 22, or GA 44. All US highways in Georgia have at least one underlying state route, so some rerouting (or creation of a new route) would be required. My best guess would be that GA 22 uses the new bypass in its entirety, but I currently have no evidence for that.

So I went ahead and did some research on this in GDOT's GeoPI system, specifically looking for the signing plans. In addition to the US 129 move, there are also the following changes:

  • GA 22 will follow the bypass in its entirety.
  • GA 11 will follow the bypass around the west side. Note the grade separation between the bypass and current GA 11; the route will use that connector. (Some of the signing plan sheets are showing this as GA 11 Connector, but I believe those to be errors, as GA 11 would otherwise be discontinuous.)
  • The portions of GA 11, 22, and 44 inside the bypass appear to be dropped from the state system, except for those parts concurrent with GA 18, which looks to be unchanged.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: WI: US 12 Baraboo bypass
« Last post by Jeff Morrison on Yesterday at 04:32:21 pm »
I've submitted all relevant routes for this issue (and re-sent some before posting this).
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