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Denali Park Rd (AK) - though beyond mile 14 only bus, bike, foot allowed
General Web Design Discussion / Re: Intersecting routes on the HB
« Last post by sipes23 on Yesterday at 11:25:01 pm »
At first I thought this was kind of a dumb feature to add, so I said nothing figuring it would cause no harm.

I was wrong. It was awesome. I saw it tonight and used it.
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: usafl: Florida State Highways
« Last post by rickmastfan67 on Yesterday at 04:32:14 pm »
FL-281 to FL-414 have just been updated. 8)
Just to let you know, the Gatlinburg Bypass is actually US 441 Bypass (just unsigned).
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: usafl: Florida State Highways
« Last post by rickmastfan67 on Yesterday at 01:46:27 pm »
Was finally getting around to adding some stuff to my list file from a FL trip last year and came upon an issue that it doesn't look like anyone else has yet raised: FL 404 should be extended west to I-95 at waypoint 188.

Will be dealt with when I get to that route in the overhaul process. ;)

Alright, had some time to research this one, and no, FL-404 will not be extended to I-95.  There are several reasons why.
1. GIS data doesn't show it going past CR-509.
2. While the BGS's on I-95 mention it, it seems FDOT goof and forgot to add the 'TO' text with it.  Proof of this is EB trailblazer on the 'supposed' route, here.  All signage going WB that I could find is just "TO I-95" shields.
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: usafl: Florida State Highways
« Last post by rickmastfan67 on Yesterday at 01:00:12 pm »
Need to add:
FL 399 (this only consists of 1/3 mi of the route between US 98 and just short of the bridge to the barrier island, the rest being CR 399, but it is signed)

That one is debatable.  Normally, for us to consider the route as 'signed', there needs to be at least a shield on the mainline (couldn't find one).  So this one might not make the cut.

After doing some more research on FL-399, the route (even though it's signed on the BGS's on US-98) doesn't even leave the interchange with US-98, and thus, will not make the cut.  GIS data shows it ending right @ the gore point, and there this Begin/End Maintenance sign in the same location.
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: usanp (U.S. National Park Highways)
« Last post by si404 on Yesterday at 10:15:34 am »
Big bump - I'm looking at getting the ball rolling on this system again. I've added the Mammoth Cave routes.

Are there other routes that need to be added? Criteria are:
1) a missing gap in an existing system (eg Mammoth Cave, California Routes, Yellowstone)
2) a specific NPS unit for the road (eg Natchez Trace, Blue Ridge, George Washington Memorial and Baltimore-Washington Parkways)
3) a through route linking roads already in (eg Painted Canyon Road)
4) an extension of an existing system into a park
5) roads that seem important enough and link with other roads - even if they dead-end

AFAICS, US441 in Great Smoky Mountains NP is part of US441, just badly signed. I've added the Gatlinburg Bypass though. Grand Canyon NP seems correct now (US180 ending at the gate, AZ64 and AZ67 signed through the park albeit maintained by the NPS rather than AZDOT)

PS - old thread on AA Roads:
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: Tennessee State Highways (usatn)
« Last post by si404 on Yesterday at 07:44:35 am »
TN50 Columbia: fine
TN50 Winchester: point at Dry Creek Road west of Winchester (links to US64, bypassing the town)
TN51: fine
TN52: shaping point west of Celina replace with point for Moss Arcot Rd (important enough as point at other end); ChesRidRd -> CheRidRd
TN52Trk Celina: fine
TN53: fine
TN54: point at old US412?
TN55: fine
TN55Bus McMinnville: fine
TN56 McMinnville: fine
TN56 Sewanee: fine
TN57: fine
TN58 Kingston: fine
TN58 Chattanooga: 40thSt_E - is 38thSt a better point?;
TN59: fine
TN60: fine
TN61: shaping point at Oliver Springs to neaten layout with TN330
TN62: shaping point at Oliver Springs to neaten layout with TN330; more points at the east end for roads that lead to GSJs: potential at TexasAve, KeithAve, 21stSt, 17th St, the I-40 ramps
TN63: fine
TN64: fine
TN66 Rogersville: Bro -> Bdwy?
TN66 Morristown: fine
TN66 Sevierville: fine
TN67: fine
TN68: fine
TN68 Georgia: fine
TN69 Savannah: fine
TN69 Paris: fine
TN69A: fine
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: islth (Iceland Þjóðvegur)
« Last post by si404 on Yesterday at 07:02:20 am »
- I consistently and deliberately substituted d for ð, on account of this being seemingly standard practice among sources within Iceland. See for example the official website of Vegagerðin, Iceland's DOT:
Yep, you're right. I anglicised the transliteration. Swedish turned ð into d and Welsh (OK, a Celtic language rather than North Germanic) uses dd for a similar sound - eg Caerdydd is written in English as Cardiff.
- I've transcribed æ as ae but continued to treat it as one letter for the purpose of determining when to trim names. So, Ægisgata, per the standard rule of "keep all characters in the street name if there are four or fewer, trim to three if five or more" becomes ÆgisGat ("Ægis" is four characters), which is then transcribed into AegisGat
- Likewise for transcribing Þ into th.
As yakra says, transcribe before truncate.

I did have more comments, but they got eaten by my computer crashing. What I can remember, beyond the truncate-before-transcribing issue that made labels too long was 'Gat' -> 'Gata' changes (with Ægisgata, I got bogged down in the Ægis and ignored the four-letter 'Gata' shouldn't be truncated to 'Gat').
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: islth (Iceland Þjóðvegur)
« Last post by michih on Yesterday at 05:37:09 am »
There are some datacheck errors:

Many VISIBLE_DISTANCE and SHARP_ANGLE errors which must be fixed or marked FP before activation but there are also some more "critical" errors like:

Code: [Select]

TH54 errors: There's a visible and hidden wp at the same location.
TH61 errors: 2 hidden wps at the same location.

Most of the errors are already detected by the wp editor.
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