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In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: Croatia Državna Cesta (hrvd)
« Last post by si404 on Today at 07:14:32 am »
D200 - fine
D201 - fine
D203 - fine
D204 - fine
D205 - fine
D206 - fine
D207 - fine
D208 - fine
D209 - fine
D210 - shaping point -> L26037?
D211 - fine
D212 - fine
D213 - fine
D214 - fine
D216 - fine
D217 - fine
D218 - fine
D219 - fine
D220 - fine
D222 - fine
D223 - fine
D224 - fine
D225 - fine
D227 - fine
D228 - fine
D229 - fine
D231 - fine
D232 - fine
Most relevant to the active usaib and usausb systems, but also affecting some usaca routes: I've noticed that some of the on-freeway business route signage I remember in northern California seems to have been removed. This may be a district-by-district thing, mainly in Caltrans districts 1 and 2, but maybe also part of district 3 (signage for I-5BL Woodland seems to still be there, at least on I-5 SB). The ones I have in mind are the I-5BLs in Red Bluff, Dunsmuir, Weed, and Yreka, and the US 101 business routes in Ukiah, Rio Dell, and McKinleyville, though there might be others with removed signage I didn't notice.

Some of the GMSV imagery is about a decade old, and so is pretty useless. But I'll be flying back to Sacramento next week to resume my mega-cross country road trip. This half of the trip will be more relaxed than the first part, so I'll have time to do more complete field checks of business routes (as well as of other usaca routes) to try to nail this down.

I'll also be doing fixes on a few usaca routes (mainly to fix NMPs/broken concurrences and otherwise finalize CA 36, 44, and 113) before I return to California. Much work will remain to be done after my return home, and the eye surgery and recovery to follow.
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: Tennessee State Highways (usatn)
« Last post by si404 on Yesterday at 06:24:34 pm »
TN250 to TN253 - fine
TN254 - are Pk and Mt valid abbrevs? I rather like them, but just to say that they aren't standard, AFAICS
TN255 to TN265 - fine
TN266 - US70S -> US41/70S
TN267 - fine
TN268 - US41 -> US41/70S; replace 1st shaping point with point at Sulphur Springs Road
TN269 - fine
TN269Eag - fine
TN270 - fine
TN271 - TN431 -> US431
TN272 to TN276 - fine
TN277 - I know it's close to the point for South Avenue, but South Boulevard looks to be worth adding a point for
TN279 to TN283 - fine
TN284 - Arpt
TN285 to TN291 - fine
TN292 - TN56 -> TN53;
TN293 - fine
TN294 - TN52 -> TN52/85
TN295 - fine
TN296 - fine
TN297 - IndRockTr -> IndRockTrl
TN298 - fine
TN299 - Lwr

General point - a couple of routes seem over zealously split when it comes to implied concurrencies.
That sounds like far more hard work than transliteration, which I can do with Greek and Cyrillic reasonably quickly (especially once I get into it).
grceo - Greece Ethniki Odos (si404)


rusr - Russia Regional Roads (system not fully signed until 2018) (si404)
rusa - Russia Access Roads (system not fully signed until 2018) (si404)

I guess Si will draft the remaining routes in 2018 or once GSV is updated?
These are in the same situation of me just not caring enough to do further work on it. Maybe they'll get done next year, but something would need to change. It would be less annoying if there was a Latin-alphabet open-source tile-mapping (like MQ Open Data) that I could use. Greece is a higher priority than Russia.

Here Maps uses Latin-alphabet and minimum the Greek and Russian village names are shown. You might draft the routes in the wpt editor with numbers and load them in the TM HB with Here Maps layer.... Still painful but better than now...
Other Discussion / Re: Traveler Stat Rankings
« Last post by michih on Yesterday at 03:18:44 pm »
Region stats have recently been added but system stats are not yet implemented, see thread:
^^ What does it mean? And what's your idea to do with it?
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Pakistan Motorways (pakm)
« Last post by michih on Yesterday at 03:13:50 pm »
Are you sure that the exits are numbered?
Interchange @ (see GS)
Interchange @
+X932111 is off
wp @

Are you sure that the exits are numbered?
1 is off
+X885546 is not required
+X203081 is not required

Are you sure that the exits are numbered?
Interchange @ (+X800831 not required anymore)

Are you sure that the exits are numbered?
+X768738 is not required


+X457551 is not required
+X244488 is not required
Exit @ (+X436665 not required anymore)
Exit @ (+X668864 not required anymore)
Exit anywhere @
Maybe there should be even more exits but the road is currently u/c to be upgraded to motorway standard. Completion was announced for 2017. Dunno if you saw any map with future exits?

Is it extended from the west end to Karatschi downtown?
Other Discussion / Re: Traveler Stat Rankings
« Last post by yakra on Yesterday at 02:54:57 pm »
There is a breakdown for all travelers by region, on the bottom of the region.php page:
A more intuitive option would be to have its own separate page as on CHM, but hey, better here than nowhere.

There's no corresponding breakdown for all travelers on a given system on system.php though.
As we already have, for instance:

Is there anything special to justify that these routes are in HB?
Pretty sure it began as an idea that started in CHM and never went anywhere. The list included lots of routes in other provinces previously, before sets were introduced in each of them.
CHM's original criterion for inclusion in cansph was that these were on the Canadian equivalent of the National Highway System, IIRC. Can't remember where we got that info from, though.
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