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Re: usaush (United States Historic US Routes)
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If you are doing an area - then you'll see signs, know that it's something we're adding and probably drive it. Certainly you'd request the route be added/add the route yourself so that it exists and you can grab it. We've had lots of these "I was driving here, and this route was signed" posts with state routes, auxiliary US routes and the like.

If you are intrigued by this system specifically, then you'd know that there's no nice neat record and you'd keep your ear to the ground about new signs going up and such like. And, again, request/add routes as you are made aware of them. Now sure, it's a little harder than AASHTO publishing approved route changes (but isn't dissimilar to the many many states that add in/remove auxillary US routes/Business I-routes without informing AASHTO) or detailed lists being made and published by the state DoT regularly. But it's not impossible.
Not necessarily.  The Historic US 20 route near New Lebanon, NY has zero signage in the field, even on the small piece of the route that isn't concurrent with modern US 20 (which I made a special trip to clinch a couple years ago, since I had already seen everything else in the area and therefore have no other reason to go there).  Signage for the other Historic US 20 route in NY is a small shield attached with zip ties to an existing sign by the Historic US 20 group.
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