Author Topic: Estonia Tugimaanteed (estt)  (Read 107 times)

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Estonia Tugimaanteed (estt)
« on: September 18, 2017, 03:16:28 pm »
I was about to start reviewing the system but realized that the next level of roads has a different numbering now. The (former) 3-digit road numbers are indicated with 5-digits on OSM now. It seems that these Kõrvalmaantee got prefixes from "11" to "25". For instance, road "290" is "11290" now.

Si, you've assigned the "T" prefix to 2-digit and 3-digit roads. I think that the 3- (and now 5-)digit roads should get K prefix now.

Please change these numbers, e.g. T290 to K11290 et cetera. Afterwards, I will start the review.

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Re: Estonia Tugimaanteed (estt)
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2017, 04:43:57 am »
All roads in Estonia are officially prefixed with T, and the Põhimaanteed, Tugimaanteed and Kõrvalmaantee (I did what you want me to do in the CHM-TM intermission, and then reversed it when I found that I was wrong here) - cf the Dutch N roads where we have two systems of roads that are all N<number>.

The first two digits on Kõrvalmaantee refer to the county and are administrative (so that they are unique numbers across the country) - they were always on OSM, but heavy research when doing the E roads meant I stripped them down to three-digit, having initially had 5.