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Re: Methodology for entering
« Reply #15 on: May 03, 2018, 08:13:43 pm »
I seem to be in the minority here in that I prefer a geographical breakdown first. The states are kept in alphabetical order, so Alabama is at the top of my file, then California, Connecticut, and so on down to West Virginia, with routes outside the USA (currently just Iceland) at the very bottom.

Within each state, Interstates come first, then US Highways, then state routes, then unnumbered TM-tracked routes, always in numerical (or alphabetical) order within the category. Auxiliary routes come after all the mainline routes of that category (so, for instance, my file has MD US1AltWas right after MD US522). If I have multiple segments of a route within a state, I try to keep those in west-to-east or south-to-north order, though I may have a few of those out of place.

It works for me; if I need to edit a line, I know exactly where to find it.

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Re: Methodology for entering
« Reply #16 on: May 05, 2018, 05:35:01 pm »
I also use a geographic breakdown, with the US first, then Canada, each organized by state/provence.  Within each, I have interstates/autoroutes/400 series highways (including business), US/TCH routes (including auxiliary and historic), any selected/named routes, then state/provincial routes.  At the bottom I have commented out lines for mileage in devel systems (currently just NY Parkways), and speculative system (currently just a piece of AL 149).
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Re: Methodology for entering
« Reply #17 on: May 06, 2018, 02:12:04 am »
My ordering is roughly similar to Bickendan's. It's based largely on when route systems were added to CHM (which started with Interstates, then expanded into US routes and other systems) and TM.
Same here.
CHM had interstates first, so I've listed those first. 3dIs follow their parent 2dIs.
Then, Business Interstates.
Then, US Highways, with bannered routes mixed in following their parents.
These groups are sorted alphabetically by state postal abbreviation.

Next come the state systems, sorted again by postal abbreviation for the corresponding state.
These are sorted by system, so ME NH113B is in with a bunch of NH routes, and NH ME153 is in with a bunch of ME routes.

USASF are sorted by state, lumped in with the state routes.

When the provincial routes in the Maritimes were activated, I added everything to the end of my .list as one big road trip, listing all the segments in the order and direction in which they were traveled. (I've only been there once, when I was 8 or 9, and my .list file here is a best guess.)

Since then, three "major" road trips since late 2013 have been added at the .list's end. Otherwise, one small clinch here or mileage extension there gets sorted with the other stuff from its tier & state up in the main body of the list.

I often need to do a Wordpad search within my list file to find ... where to add new entries.
Ayuh. I search for ME ME, then hit Page Down however many times.

One other thing I do is try to group together entries for a route within a state, in order of where they show up in the Highway Browser. That makes it easier for me to fold entries together when I fill the gaps between them.
Same here.
I've sorted State route segments by route number/name; disconnected segments of the same route go in 'HB order".
The one exception is Vermont State Highways. A relative latecomer activated only after CHM was superseded by TM, VT got sorted at the end of the state routes section (alphabetically after RI) & before the Canadian Maritimes. Vermont State Highways themselves are sorted into several individual mini-roadtrips in Vermont over the years.
For the list lines themselves, I enter them in the direction traveled: State Route Begin End.
So if I travel ME I-995 1 4 and then ME I-995 6 3 and these would overlap to form a single .list line, I'd probably just list them in the order in the HB, ME I-995 1 6.
There may be some overlapping or redundant lines with the sections where I've listed individual trips, but I'm not too fussed about tidying them up muy pronto.

Also, I try to remove or avoid adding list file entries that are entirely concurrent with other routes (in early CHM days, we needed such duplicate entries, but now automatic multiplex detection makes them unnecessary). For example, many Texas Interstates are concurrent with U.S. routes, so I just list the U.S. routes without duplicate entries for the Interstates.
I avoid adding these now, and will trim out unnecessary ones when I come across them, but doing so is not a priority. (When NY343 was relocated recently, I just deleted its entry from my .list, as all I had was the NY22 concurrency.)
Thus I have no Future Interstates .listed, as NY17 is sufficient.
No TCH in NB or NS, just listing NB2, NB16, NS104 & NS106 instead. I do have some PE TCHPEI listed. This tells me I added this stuff to my .list before the PEI provincial routes were activated. Holy wow. No other PE roads are listed; I'll have to figure out where I went again, and see if there's anything more I can add...
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Re: Methodology for entering
« Reply #18 on: May 06, 2018, 08:26:18 am »
When I first constructed my list back in 2011, I did all the interstate mileage first, since that was all I really cared about at the time. Then over the next few months, I added the other routes on a state-by-state basis as I reconstructed my travels. Canada got added in there somewhere, but I waited until I retrieved an old travel journal from my parents' house before adding routes in the UK & Ireland.

The list has about 7500 lines now. Keeping it organized and updated is easy in Excel (I'm surprised no one has mentioned Excel yet). It's alphabetical by region (first column) and route (second column, so AK10 and AK11 come before AK2) with special (non-mapped) sets at the end, with their region preceded by YY for routes I clinched that can be re-clinched since a segment moved, and ZZ for routes that I clinched before they were removed from TM/CHM. After a trip, it's easy to scan the list for routes to add mileage to, and all new routes get added to the end in random order. Then I sort it to get the new ones in place and copy-paste into a .txt file, format it for TM, and copy-paste the whole thing it into my .list on Github. It usually only takes a few minutes.