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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2017-05-25Belgiumbeln3Belgium Gewestwegen / Route Nationale 300-399preview
2017-05-16Belgiumbeln2Belgium Gewestwegen / Route Nationale 201-287preview
2017-05-13NetherlandsnldsNetherlands Stadsroutesactive
2017-05-06(USA) CaliforniausacaCalifornia State Highwayspreview
2017-05-06(Canada) British ColumbiacanbcBritish Columbia Provincial Highwaysactive
2017-05-05(USA) Puerto RicousaprPuerto Rico Territorial Highwayspreview
2017-04-22PortugalprticPortugal Itinerários Complementarespreview
2017-04-20MongoliaasiahUNESCAP Asian Highwaysactive
2017-04-20RussiaasiahUNESCAP Asian Highwaysactive
2017-04-20DenmarkdnksrDenmark Sekundærrutepreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2017-05-22(USA) ColoradoCO12co.co012Route relocated from Main Street and Animas Street and relocated onto Nevada Avenue between MainSt_E and AniSt
2017-05-19(USA) ArkansasI-49 Future (Bella Vista)ar.i049futbelExtended southward from AR 72 (south junction) to US 71 Business.
2017-05-18(USA) MaineME 188me.me188East end truncated from Bryant Ridge Rd to the Burlington / Grand Falls Township line
2017-05-18(USA) MaineME 4me.me004North end truncated from Haines Landing to ME 17 in Rangeley
2017-05-17(USA) ArizonaSky Harbor Boulevardaz.skyharblvdNew Route
2017-05-17(USA) ArizonaUS180az.us180Route truncated at north end from East Rim Drive to the boundary of Grand Canyon National Park
2017-05-17(USA) ArizonaUS89 Temp(NONE)Route deleted
2017-05-17(USA) ArizonaUS95 Truck (San Luis)(NONE)Route deleted
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT140ut.ut140Route truncated at west end from UT68 to 800W
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT145ut.ut145Route extended at west end from UT68 to UT73
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT151ut.ut151Route extended at east end from I-15 to US89
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT176ut.ut176New Route
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT197(NONE)Route Deleted
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT209ut.ut209Route extended from 5600W to Bingham Canyon Mine
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT212(NONE)Route Deleted
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT48ut.ut048Route truncated at west end from Bingham Canyon Mine to UT156
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT66ut.ut066Route extended at north end from I-84 exit 103 to the onslip to I-84 3/4 of a mile to the east.
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT73 (Farfield)ut.ut073Route truncated at east end from US89 to UT145
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT73 (Lehi)ut.ut073lehNew Route
2017-05-17(USA) UtahUT90ut.ut090New Route