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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2017-07-22Belgiumbeln7Belgium Gewestwegen / Route Nationale 700-793preview
2017-07-21Belgiumbeln6Belgium Gewestwegen / Route Nationale 601-698preview
2017-07-19SwitzerlandchehSwitzerland Hauptstrassenactive
2017-07-09South AfricazafnSouth Africa National Highwayspreview
2017-07-09SlovakiasvkiiSlovakia Cesta II. Triedypreview
2017-07-09TunisiatunaTunisia Autoroutesactive
2017-07-09SenegalsenaSenegal Autoroutesactive
2017-07-09NamibianamaNamibia A Roadsactive
2017-07-09GabongabaGabon Autoroutesactive
2017-07-05(Canada) ManitobacanmbManitoba Provincial Trunk Highwaysactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2017-07-22(Canada) New BrunswickNB 122nb.nb122Waypoint "NB630" moved from McAdam St to Maple St
2017-07-22(Canada) New BrunswickNB 630nb.nb630North end removed from McAdam St between Maple St and NB 122, and relocated onto Maple St between McAdam St and NB 122
2017-07-20GreeceA29grc.a029Route extended at northern end from exit 7 to EO2
2017-07-17PolandDK15pol.dk015Route removed from Ulica Poznaska and Ulica Torunska and relocated onto Inowroclaw bypass between DK25_N at Latkowo and Markowice
2017-07-17PolandDK25pol.dk025Route removed from Ulica Poznaska and relocated onto Ulica Torunska and Inowroclaw bypass between Ulica Stanislawa Staszica and Markowice
2017-07-15(USA) South DakotaSD 30sd.sd030Extended west from I-29 to Old US 77
2017-07-12(UK) EnglandA3087eng.a3087New Route
2017-07-12FranceE54fra.e54Route removed from Rue de Luxeuil and Rue de Velotte and relocated onto new Voie Express between N19 exits 17 and 18
2017-07-12FranceN19fra.n019Route removed from Rue de Luxeuil and Rue de Velotte and relocated onto new Voie Express between exits 17 and 18
2017-07-12PolandDK11 (Kluczbork)pol.dk011kluRoute truncated at north end from DK25_E to S11
2017-07-12PolandDK25pol.dk025Route rerouted off of local roads and onto S11 between 'S11_N' and 'S11_S'
2017-07-12PolandDK36pol.dk036Route extended at east end from Ulitca Raszkowska (former DK11/25 junction) to S11
2017-07-12PolandDK7 (Radom)pol.dk007radRoute truncated at south end from DW727 to Katy
2017-07-12PolandE77pol.e77Route removed from former DK7 and onto new S7 between Katy and DW727
2017-07-12PolandS11 (Ostrów Wielkopolski)pol.s011ostRoute extended at south end from DK25 to DK11/25
2017-07-12PolandS7 (Szydlowiec)pol.s007szyRoute extended at north end from DW727 to Katy
2017-07-11SwedenR83 Granbodaswe.r083graNew Route
2017-07-09(USA) IdahoI-90BL (Osburn)id.i090blosbTruncated at eastern end from I-90 exit 60 to the Osburn city limits
2017-07-09(USA) IdahoID 78id.id078Truncated at eastern end from I-84 exit 112 to the junction with I-84 BL (Hammett)
2017-07-07(USA) PennsylvaniaUS 202 Business (Montgomeryville)pa.us202busmonAdded Route