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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2017-06-24Belgiumbeln5Belgium Gewestwegen / Route Nationale 500-599preview
2017-06-22Belgiumbeln4Belgium Gewestwegen / Route Nationale 400-499preview
2017-06-16CzechiaczeiCzechia Silnice I. Třídyactive
2017-06-16GermanydeuhelHesse Landesstraßenpreview
2017-06-13Polandpoldw1Poland Droga Wojewódzka 100-199preview
2017-06-13NepalnplhNepal Highwayspreview
2017-06-13NamibianamaNamibia A Roadspreview
2017-06-13BarbadosbrbhBarbados Highwaysactive
2017-06-01IsraelisrhIsrael Highwayspreview
2017-05-30(USA) VirginiausavaVirginia State Highwaysactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2017-06-26GermanyChorweiler Zubringer Kölndeu.chozubNew Route
2017-06-26GermanyMercatorstraße Kölndeu.k008New Route
2017-06-25(USA) West VirginiaUS 19wv.us019Removed from the former, now demolished, Hood Street Bridge in Shinnston, and rerouted onto the replacement bridge to the north between Clement Street & Hood Avenue.
2017-06-25(USA) West VirginiaWV 279wv.wv279Extended westward from it's former western end at I-79 to County Route 707.
2017-06-25SpainA51esp.av020Route renamed as AV20
2017-06-25SpainAV20esp.av020New Route
2017-06-24(USA) South CarolinaSC 28 Truck (Anderson)sc.sc028trkandRoute added
2017-06-24(USA) WisconsinWI 145wi.wi145Removed from 124th Street and onto Old Orchard Road between WI 100 and 124th Street
2017-06-24PolandDK7 (Mlawa, formerly called Nidzica)pol.dk007mlaRoute truncated at north end from Zaluski to Napierki and renamed.
2017-06-24PolandDK7 (Radom)pol.dk007radRoute truncated at south end from DK42 to DW727
2017-06-24PolandDK7 (Skaryzsko-Kamienna)pol.dk007skaNew route
2017-06-24PolandE77pol.e77Route removed from former DK7 and onto new S7 between Zaluski and Napierki
2017-06-24PolandS7 (Olsztynek)pol.s007olsRoute extended at south end from former junction at Zalu, to Napierki
2017-06-24PolandS7 (Szydlowiec)pol.s007szyNew Route
2017-06-24SpainA33 (La Font de la Figuera)esp.a033fonNew Route
2017-06-23SwedenE18swe.e18Route relocated onto new motorway alignment west of Karlstad, between S548 and SkuVag
2017-06-22(USA) MinnesotaI-94mn.i094Added point at new MN 610 interchange
2017-06-22(USA) MinnesotaMN 111mn.mn111Route extended south to US 14 Nicollet Bypass
2017-06-22(USA) MinnesotaMN 60mn.mn060Route realigned near Worthington
2017-06-22(USA) MinnesotaMN 610mn.mn610Route extended west to I-94