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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2017-04-22PortugalprticPortugal Itinerários Complementarespreview
2017-04-20(China) XinjiangasiahUNESCAP Asian Highwaysactive
2017-04-20MongoliaasiahUNESCAP Asian Highwaysactive
2017-04-20RussiaasiahUNESCAP Asian Highwaysactive
2017-04-20DenmarkdnksrDenmark Sekundærrutepreview
2017-04-11(USA) WyomingusawyWyoming State Highwaysactive
2017-04-08Irelandirlr1Ireland Regional Roads 1xxmerged
2017-04-08Irelandirlr2Ireland Regional Roads 2xxmerged
2017-04-08Irelandirlr3Ireland Regional Roads 3xxmerged
2017-04-08Irelandirlr4Ireland Regional Roads 4xxmerged

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2017-04-24(USA) Rhode IslandRI 117ri.ri117Eastbound direction removed from Centerville Road and Post Road and relocated onto Veterans Memorial Drive and Post Road between RI 115 and Post Road. Westbound direction removed from Greenwich Avenue (US 1) and Centerville Road and relocated onto Veterans Memorial Drive between US 1 / RI 5 and RI 115.
2017-04-24(USA) Rhode IslandUS 1ri.us001Northbound direction removed from Post Road and relocated onto Greenwich Avenue and Veterans Memorial Drive between Centerville Road and US1 Business / RI 117 (Post Road).
2017-04-24(USA) Rhode IslandUS 1ri.us001Removed from surface streets in Pawtucket's "Mixed-up Mile" and relocated onto I-95 between exits 27 and 28.
2017-04-23(UK) ScotlandE16sct.e16Route removed from A8 and relocated onto M8 between M8 exits 6 and 8
2017-04-23(UK) ScotlandM8sct.m008Route extended at east end from exit 8 to exit 1
2017-04-23(UK) ScotlandM8 (Livingston)sct.m008Route deleted
2017-04-21PortugalA26-1prt.a026-1New Route
2017-04-14(UK) EnglandA1192eng.a1192New Route
2017-04-14(UK) EnglandA57eng.a0057Route removed from Newland, Wigford Way and St Mary Street and relocated onto Brayford Way, Rope Walk, St Mark Street and Tentercroft Street between the B1273 and the A15
2017-04-13(UK) EnglandA5505eng.a5505New Route
2017-04-13FranceN333fra.n333New Route
2017-04-13FranceN4fra.n004Route truncated at west end from the A33 to the D99
2017-04-13GreeceA5grc.a005Route extended at southern end from exit 5 to Riza
2017-04-13GreeceE55grc.e55Route removed from EO5 and relocated onto A5 between A5 exit 5 and Riza
2017-04-10NetherlandsA9nld.a009Route removed from through Badhoevedorp and onto Badhoevedorp Bypass between A4 and A5
2017-04-06(UK) ScotlandA730sct.a0730Route rerouted onto Cathkin bypass between B762_W and A749
2017-04-06GreeceA1grc.a001Route extended at southern end from exit 20 to exit 87
2017-04-06GreeceA1 (Athina)grc.a001Route merged into main route
2017-04-06GreeceA1 (Kato Egani)grc.a001Route merged into main route
2017-04-06GreeceE75grc.e75Route removed from EO1 and relocated onto A1 between exit 20 and exit 23