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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2017-08-15USAusanpUnited States Select National Park Highwayspreview
2017-08-15ItalyitassItaly Strada Statalepreview
2017-08-10AustriaautbAustria Landesstraßen Bactive
2017-08-05Norwaynorfv1Norway Primære Fylkesveier 101-181preview
2017-07-30DenmarkdnksrDenmark Sekundærruteactive
2017-07-29PortugalprticPortugal Itinerários Complementaresactive
2017-07-28CroatiahrvdCroatia Državne Cesteactive
2017-07-25BelgiumbelnBelgium Gewestwegen / Route Nationalepreview
2017-07-19SwitzerlandchehSwitzerland Hauptstrassenactive
2017-07-09NamibianamaNamibia A Roadsactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2017-08-15(Canada) New BrunswickNB 565nb.nb565Route added
2017-08-15PolandDK7 (Ostrada)pol.dk007ostRoute truncated at north end from Ulica Paslecka to DW530 and at south end from Sudwa to DK16
2017-08-15PolandDK7 (Rychnowo)pol.dk007rycNew Route
2017-08-15PolandE77pol.e77Route removed from former DK7 and relocated onto S7 between DK16 and Rychnowo
2017-08-15PolandS7 (Ostrada)pol.s007ostNew Route
2017-08-14NetherlandsS100Limnld.s100limNew Route
2017-08-09(USA) Rhode IslandRI 114ri.ri114Removed from Mill St and High St in Cumberland, and relocated onto Broad Street and Dexter St (RI 123) between Mill St and High St (waypoint RI123_E).
2017-08-09(USA) Rhode IslandRI 51(NONE)Route deleted.
2017-08-07(USA) South CarolinaSC 34 Truck (Ridgeway)sc.sc034trkridRoute added
2017-08-07(USA) WyomingUS 20 Business (Douglas)wy.us020busdouNew Route
2017-08-07(USA) WyomingUS 26 Business (Douglas)wy.us026busdouNew Route
2017-08-07(USA) WyomingUS 87 Business (Douglas)wy.us087busdouNew Route
2017-08-07ItalyA12 (Citivecchia)ita.a012citRoute extended at north end from junction with SS1 labeled 'SS1_A' to SP104
2017-08-05(USA) FloridaUS 1fl.us001Removed from Brickell Avenue in Miami, and relocated onto FL 970 and southern 2 miles of I-95 between the intersection of FL 970/Brickell Avenue (BriAve) and the interchange of I-95/Brickell Ave.
2017-08-05(USA) West VirginiaWV 93wv.wv093Extended eastward from former eastern end (now 'US50_W') along US 50 and former WV 972 to a new eastern terminus at US 220.
2017-08-05(USA) West VirginiaWV 972wv.wv093Route Deleted. Absorbed by WV 93.
2017-08-05GreeceA5 (Patras)grc.a005Route extended at northern end from exit 17 to exit 19 (for the A2)
2017-08-05GreeceE951grc.e951Route truncated at northern end from A2 to A5 exit 17 and extended at northern end from A5 exit 17 to A5 exit 19
2017-08-05NorwayRv191nor.rv191New Route
2017-08-05NorwayRv354nor.rv354New Route