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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2018-04-07BelizeblzarBelize National Routespreview
2018-04-07BelizeblzdBelize District Routespreview
2018-04-03(UK) WaleswlsbGreat Britain B Roads (Wales & Western England)merged
2018-04-03(UK) ScotlandsctbGreat Britain B Roads (Scotland & Northern Englandmerged
2018-04-03(UK) EnglandengbGreat Britain B Roads (Southeastern England)merged
2018-04-03United KingdomgbnbGreat Britain B Roadspreview
2018-03-26(Canada) AlbertacanabsAlberta Provincial Highways 500-986preview
2018-03-25(Germany) Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniadeumvlMecklenburg-Western Pomerania Landesstraßenpreview
2018-03-24(UK) Northern IrelandnirbNorthern Ireland B Roadspreview
2018-03-23(USA) AlaskausaakAlaska State Highwaysactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2018-04-23(USA) New YorkNY 343ny.ny343Removed from Old Route 22 southward into the town of Dover and relocated onto Tinkertown Road eastward into the town of Amenia between Old Route 22 and NY 22.
2018-04-15(USA) ArkansasUS 63 Business (Jonesboro)ar.us063busjonRoute added
2018-04-15(USA) ArkansasUS 64 Spur Marionar.us064sprmarRoute added
2018-04-14(Germany) HesseA44 (Hessisch Lichtenau)deuhe.a044hesRoute extended at east end from exit 78 to exit 79
2018-04-14(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaA44 (Velbert)deunw.a044velRoute extended at west end from exit 36 to exit 35
2018-04-14SwitzerlandA9 (Brig)che.a009briRoute extended at west end from Visp-East (Kantonsstraße) to Visp-South (Talstraße)
2018-04-13(USA) AlabamaUS 84al.us084Relocated onto Elba bypass
2018-04-11(USA) AlabamaUS231 Business (Ozark)al.us231busozaNew Route
2018-04-11(USA) MississippiUS 278ms.us278Relocated onto Corridor V through southern Tupelo
2018-04-10(USA) WisconsinWI 318wi.wi318Added route
2018-04-09(USA) New JerseyI-295nj.i295Extended at north end from exit 67 to Pennsylvania state line.
2018-04-09(USA) New JerseyI-95 (Trenton)(NONE)Deleted route. Redesignated as an extension of I-295.
2018-04-07(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaA33deunw.a033Route extended at north end from exit 19 to exit 17
2018-04-06(USA) North CarolinaI-840 Future (West Greensboro)nc.i840futegrextended to US 220
2018-04-06(USA) VirginiaUS 460 Business (Pearisburg)va.us460buspearouting on west end was incorrect - tie in to mainline US 460 was at wrong intersection making first 2 waypoints invalid
2018-04-04(Canada) New BrunswickNB 11nb.nb011South end removed from a demolished four-lane divided highway and NB 132 between a point south of Exit 2 (labelled *OldNB11) and Exit 31 of NB 15, and relocated onto a four-lane divided bypass connecting to NB 15 at a high-speed directional interchange about 1 km west of existing Exit 31.
2018-04-04(Canada) New BrunswickNB 132nb.nb132Extended at north end from NB 15 to Main St.
2018-04-01(USA) TennesseeTN 174tn.tn174extended at east end from TN 25 to Kentucky state line
2018-04-01(USA) TennesseeTN 386tn.tn386extended at east end from TN 109 to TN 174
2018-03-31(USA) MaineUS 1 Bypass (Portsmouth, NH)me.us001bypporRemoved from the southeastern 1940 Sarah Mildred Long Bridge and relocated onto the northwestern 2018 Sarah Mildred Long Bridge between the New Hampshire state line and Bridge St.