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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2017-09-18AlbaniaalbshAlbania Rrugë Shtetëroreactive
2017-09-18SloveniasvnrSlovenia Regionalna Cestepreview
2017-09-18Denmark (Faroe Islands)frolvFaroe Islands Landsvegurpreview
2017-09-18SerbiasrbbSerbia Državni Putactive
2017-09-18IrelandirlrIreland Regional Roadsactive
2017-09-18(China) TaiwantwnfTaiwan National Freewaysactive
2017-09-06MalaysiamyseMalaysia Expresswaysactive
2017-09-06New ZealandnzlmotNew Zealand Motorwaysactive
2017-09-06PakistanpakmPakistan Motorwaysactive
2017-09-06Sri LankalkaeSri Lanka Expresswaysactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2017-09-24(Canada) New BrunswickNB 134nb.nb134Removed from Subway Street and Water Street, and relocated onto Roseberry Street and Andrew Street between Subway Street and Water Street in Campbellton
2017-09-22(UK) EnglandA1 (Scotch Corner)eng.a001scoRoute truncated at south end from exit 51 to exit 52
2017-09-22(UK) EnglandA1(M) (Wetherby)eng.a001mRoute extended at north end from exit 51 to exit 52
2017-09-19(USA) WisconsinUS 12wi.us012Closed intersection *US12BusWBa_E. Added closed point *OldUS12_Bar.
2017-09-19(USA) WisconsinUS 12 Business (Baraboo)wi.us012busbarExtended west along South Boulevard from Pine Street to new US 12 freeway. Extended north along old US 12, now County Road BD, and US 12 Business (West Baraboo) to US 12. New north end labeled US12 to avoid conflict with old point US12_W, which has been renamed WI33/136. New south end labeled US12/CRW to avoid conflict with old point US12_E, which is now WI136.
2017-09-19(USA) WisconsinUS 12 Business (West Baraboo)(NONE)Deleted route. Most of route incorporated into US 12 Business (Baraboo).
2017-09-19(USA) WisconsinWI 136wi.wi136Extended south along former US 12 (Pine Street) and east along WI 159 to Devil's Lake State Park.
2017-09-19(USA) WisconsinWI 159(NONE)Deleted route.
2017-09-19(USA) WisconsinWI 33wi.wi033Moved off Pine Street onto WI 136 and new US 12 freeway from WI 136 to now-County Road BD. Closed intersection *US12Bus. Moved point US12/136 west to new exit. Old Point US12_E (Pine Street) now WI136_E. Renamed point WI113/123->US12Bus/113.
2017-09-18SerbiaA4 (Bela Palanka)srb.a004belRoute extended at east end from former junction east of Bela Palanka to Stanicenje
2017-09-18SerbiaA4 (Pirot)srb.a004pirNew Route
2017-09-18SerbiaE80srb.e80Route removed from R259 and located onto A4 between Pirot and Gradinje
2017-09-16(UK) EnglandA1035eng.a1035Route extended at east end from A165 to B1242 in Hornsea
2017-09-16(UK) EnglandA361 (Barnstaple)eng.a0361barNew Route
2017-09-16(UK) EnglandA361 (Frome)eng.a0361Route truncated at south end from A399 at Ilfracombe to A38 at Taunton
2017-09-16(UK) EnglandA4420eng.a4420New Route
2017-09-16(UK) EnglandA5183eng.a5183Route truncated at north end from A5 to A505
2017-09-16(UK) EnglandA5187eng.a5187New Route
2017-09-16(UK) EnglandA6055eng.a6055Route extended at north end from A6136 at Catterick to A6136 at Brough with St Giles
2017-09-16(UK) EnglandA6136eng.a6136Route truncated at east end from A1(M) to A6055 and extended at east end from A6055 to A6136Bro