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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2017-03-21SpainespnSpain Carretera Nacionalespreview
2017-02-28GabongabaGabon Autoroutespreview
2017-02-28SenegalsenaSenegal Autoroutespreview
2017-02-28Sri LankalkaaSri Lanka A Roadspreview
2017-02-23Norwaynorfv0Norway Primære Fylkesveier 7-98preview
2017-02-13IcelandislthIceland Þjóðvegurpreview
2017-02-06Belgiumbeln0Belgium Gewestwegen / Route Nationale 1-99preview
2017-02-03(Canada) Newfoundland and LabradcannlNewfoundland and Labrador Provincial Highwayspreview
2017-01-27EstoniaesttEstonia Tugimaanteedpreview
2017-01-20(USA) GeorgiausagaGeorgia State Highwayspreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2017-03-22SloveniaE751svn.e751Route removed from former G111 coast road and relocated onto H6 expressway between exits 2 and 3 of the H6
2017-03-22SloveniaG111svn.g111Route truncated at north end from H6 exit 2 to Polje Cesta
2017-03-10GermanyFÜ6 Zirndorfer Straße, Zirndorfdeu.fu6New Route
2017-03-06(UK) EnglandA556eng.a0556Route removed from Chester Road, relocated onto Knutsford-Bowden improvement between M6 and A56.
2017-03-06(UK) EnglandThamesdown Driveeng.a4198Route renumbered A4198
2017-03-06GreeceA24grc.a024New Route
2017-03-06GreeceA242grc.a242New Route
2017-03-06GreeceA25grc.a025Route truncated at south end from the EO16g in Nea Moudania to the A2 at exit 24.
2017-03-06RomaniaA1 (Arad)rou.a001araRoute extended at east end from DN68 at Dumbrava to DN68 at Margina
2017-03-05(UK) EnglandA38 (Plymouth)eng.a0038Route truncated at north end from A4044 to M5 exit 31
2017-03-05(UK) EnglandA38 (Taunton)eng.a0038tauNew Route
2017-03-05BelgiumE44bel.e44New route
2017-03-05BulgariaE675(NONE)Route deleted
2017-03-05GeorgiaE97geo.e97Route truncated at south end from Turkish border to Poti
2017-03-05TurkeyE97tur.e97Route truncated at north end from Georgian border to D010
2017-03-03(USA) HawaiiHI 3800hi.hi3800Route added
2017-03-01GreeceA8grc.a008Route extended at west end from Epar. Od. Sikionas - Nemeas (now exit 15) to exit 16
2017-02-24(USA) North DakotaND 22nd.nd022Relocated from former route through Killdeer (now ND 22 Business) west to new Killdeer Bypass
2017-02-24(USA) North DakotaND 22 Business (Killdeer)nd.nd022buskilNew route
2017-02-24GreeceA5 (Arta)grc.a005artReentered Route