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RouteSystem Clinched (miles)Overall (miles)%
DUMMY 000000000.00%
DUMMY 000000000.00%
ESP-RI N120 0.0028.040.00%
ESP-CL N120 (Burgos) 0.00180.500.00%
BEL N120 0.003.760.00%
ESP-GA N120 0.00125.630.00%
ESP-CL N120 (Toral de los Vados) 0.006.600.00%
ESP-GA N120a (Monforte de Lemos) 0.0013.900.00%
ESP-RI N120a (Santo Domingo de la Calzada) 0.003.480.00%
ESP-CL N120a (Astorga) 0.003.490.00%