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RouteSystem Clinched (miles)Overall (miles)%
DUMMY 000000000.00%
DUMMY 000000000.00%
CA US101 His (San Diego) 0.0045.390.00%
CA US101 His (Paso Robles) 0.002.980.00%
NY US20 His (New Lebanon)
MA US20 His (Waltham)
MA US20 His (Becket)
WY US20 His (Lusk) 0.0051.560.00%
PA US20 His (North East) 0.007.410.00%
NY US20 His (Bridgewater) 0.00109.810.00%
MA US20 His (Sudbury) 0.001.430.00%
MA US20 His (Sturbridge) 0.001.820.00%
NE US20 His (Rushville) 0.0019.950.00%
MA US20 His (Marlborough) 0.000.530.00%
OH US20 His (Painesville) 0.0017.150.00%
NE US20 His (Crawford) 0.0020.750.00%
MA US20 His (Weston) 0.004.890.00%
MA US20 His (Huntingdon) 0.003.480.00%
OR US30 His (Columbia River) 0.0021.680.00%
CA US395 His (Poway) 0.0013.370.00%
CA US395 His (Temecula) 0.0061.940.00%
CA US395 His (San Diego) 0.008.570.00%
CA US395 His (Riverside) 0.003.730.00%
CA US40 His (Roseville) 0.0028.550.00%
CA US40 His (Dixon) 0.004.410.00%
CA US40 His (Auburn) 0.0026.900.00%
CA US40 His (Truckee) 0.0021.330.00%
CA US40 His (Sacramento) 0.0010.020.00%
GA US41 His (Adairsville) 0.005.500.00%
GA US441 His (Clarksville) 0.0015.180.00%
MA US6 His (Provincetown) 0.003.720.00%
IA US6 His (Durant) 0.0019.370.00%
IA US6 His (Council Bluffs) 0.000.940.00%
CA US6 His (Santa Clarita) 0.0068.290.00%
IA US6 His (Brooklyn) 0.0027.580.00%
IA US6 His (Atlantic) 0.0087.830.00%
TX US66 His (Adrian) 0.002.440.00%
OK US66 His (Vinita) 0.005.320.00%
OK US66 His (Erick) 0.009.700.00%
CA US66 His (Cajon Pass)
NM US66 His (Grants) 0.0072.280.00%
AZ US66 His (Winslow) 0.005.340.00%
MO US66 His (St Louis) 0.00316.970.00%
AZ US66 His (Holbrook) 0.004.890.00%
MO US66 His ((1936-1965) Florissant) 0.0028.160.00%
IL US66 His ((1930-1940) Mount Olive) 0.004.330.00%
IL US66 His ((1926-1930) Carlingville) 0.0068.660.00%
TX US66 His (Groom) 0.003.310.00%
OK US66 His (Tulsa) 0.0021.710.00%
OK US66 His (El Reno) 0.0018.510.00%
CA US66 His (Barstow) 0.00166.630.00%
NM US66 His (Gallup) 0.0037.110.00%
AZ US66 His (Williams) 0.003.830.00%
MO US66 His ((1936-1970) Springfield) 0.006.960.00%
AZ US66 His (Flagstaff) 0.0012.980.00%
MO US66 His ((1926-1928) Springfield) 0.0010.100.00%
IL US66 His ((1940-1977) Livingstone) 0.008.800.00%
TX US66 His (Glenrio) 0.000.600.00%
OK US66 His ((1926-1932) Tulsa) 0.008.840.00%
OK US66 His (Clinton) 0.006.920.00%
CA US66 His (Azusa) 0.0066.740.00%
NM US66 His (Tucumcari) 0.0045.710.00%
NM US66 His (Alberquerque) 0.0048.180.00%
AZ US66 His (Lupton) 0.000.500.00%
MO US66 His ((1930-1955) Joplin) 0.005.850.00%
AZ US66 His (Ash Fork) 0.001.450.00%
MO US66 His ((1940-1975) Joplin)
KS US66 His (Galena) 0.0012.900.00%
IL US66 His ((1930-1940) Litchfield)
TX US66 His (Vega) 0.002.660.00%
TX US66 His (Conway) 0.008.550.00%
OK US66 His (Miami) 0.0016.450.00%
CA US66 His (Needles)
OK US66 His (Chelsea) 0.000.730.00%
NM US66 His ((PRE-1937) Santa Fe) 0.00146.690.00%
AZ US66 His (Kingman) 0.00156.080.00%
MO US66 His ((1926-1933) Manchester) 0.0041.120.00%
MO US66 His ((1954-1975) Carthage) 0.001.890.00%
IL US66 His ((Spur) Williamsville)
IL US66 His ((1930-1940) Lincoln) 0.003.470.00%
TX US66 His (Shamrock) 0.002.640.00%
TX US66 His (Alanreed) 0.001.490.00%
OK US66 His (Weatherford) 0.0015.310.00%
OK US66 His (Lake Overholser) 0.003.750.00%
CA US66 His (Hollywood) 0.0022.280.00%
NM US66 His (Santa Rosa)
AZ US66 His (Joseph City) 0.002.530.00%
MO US66 His (Laquey) 0.002.520.00%
IL US66 His ((Spur) Chain of Rocks) 0.002.850.00%
IL US66 His (Chicago) 0.00288.320.00%
TX US66 His (McLean)
CA US80 His (Felicity) 0.005.320.00%
CA US80 His (El Centro) 0.0064.650.00%
CA US80 His (Winterhaven)
CA US80 His (El Cajon) 0.0020.460.00%
CA US80 His (San Diego) 0.0011.600.00%
CA US80 His (Jacumba) 0.0040.890.00%
AZ US89A His (Clarkdale)
CA US99 His (Indio) 0.00133.160.00%
CA US99 His (Weed) 0.000.930.00%
CA US99 His (Dunsmuir) 0.003.390.00%
WA US99 His (Federal Way) 7.027.02100.00%
CA US99 His (Tulare) 0.007.800.00%
OR US99 His (Myrtle Creek)
CA US99 His (Red Bluff)
CA US99 His (Los Angeles) 0.0039.740.00%
CA US99W His (Williams) 0.002.570.00%
CA US99W His (Willows)